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OPSEU Local 270 Contact List – Executive & Stewards as of September 2016

All Officers of OPSEU Local 270 are first and foremost stewards. As stewards we are committed to representing our members. If you are having a problem at work and need to ask questions or file a grievance, contact your union steward first — no matter what the issue. If you have questions about the Collective agreement, contact your steward. Also, if you see a vacancy in the listings below and are interested in filling a vital role for Local 270 contact one of the Executive. We are always glad of new people who are willing to help, you make us all stronger!

Name Non OPS Email Address Non OPS Phone Number Ministry /Work Location
Sam Hardie, President  905-934-3874 MTO – 3rd floor
Dan McKnight, Vice President 905-327-8413 MTO – EPO 2nd floor
Chris J Paxton, Treasurer 905-327-1512 TBS – 4th floor
Chris Ward, Secretary 289-990-9064 TBS – 5th floor
Mahendra Thalesvar, Retired past President 905-682-7437 Retirees Division
Christina Faludi-Myers, Steward MTO – 1st floor
David Millington, Steward MTO – 2nd floor
Joy Leonard, Steward 905-931-6026 MTO – 3rd floor
Steven Nicholls, Steward MTO – 3rd floor
Chris Ward, Steward 289-990-9064 TBS – 5th floor
Dave Farrington, Steward 905-354-2908 TBS – 5th floor
Vivianne Tries, Steward 905-988-1397 TBS – 5th floor
William Urquhart, Steward 289-407-7206 TBS – 5th floor
Vacant MTO – 7th floor
James Shannon, Steward 905-931-6026 MTO – Vineland scales
Brian Toner, Steward 905-516-1862 MTO Winona

Local Committees:

Local Employee Relations (MTO):

Dan McKnight 905-704-2205 MTO – EPO 2nd floor
Sam Hardie  905-934-3874 MTO – 3rd floor
James Shannon 905-931-6026 MTO – Vineland scales

Local Employee Relations (TBS):

Chris J Paxton 905-327-1512 TBS – 4th floor
Roxanne Daoust 905-704-2540 TBS – 5th floor
Chris Ward 289-990-9064 TBS – 5th floor