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OPSEU Local 270 Contact List – Executive & Stewards as of 2018

All Officers of OPSEU Local 270 are first and foremost stewards. As stewards, we are committed to representing our members. If you are having a problem at work and need to ask questions or file a grievance, contact your union steward first — no matter what the issue. If you have questions about the Collective agreement, contact your steward. Also, if you are interested in filling a vital role for Local 270 contact one of the Executive. We are always glad of new people who are willing to help, you make us all stronger!


Name Ministry /Work Location Phone Number
Sam Hardie, President MTO – 3rd floor (905)704-2174
Dan McKnight, 1st Vice President MTO – 2nd floor (905)704-2205
Rod McEwan, 2nd Vice President MTO – Vineland (905)562-6550
Steve Nicholls, Treasurer MTO – 3rd floor (905)704-2212
Chris Ward, Secretary (888)677-4873 TBS – 5th floor
Membership, Rona Merritt (905)704-3022 MTO, 2nd Floor


2nd floor Dan McKnight MTO, P&P (905)704-2205
2nd floor Rona Merritt MTO, CMOB (905)704-3022
2nd floor Dave Millington MTO, HSB (905)704-2662
3nd floor Sam Hardie MTO, CSEB (905)704-2174
3nd floor Steve Nicholls MTO, CSEB (905)704-2212
3nd floor Joy Leonard MTO, CSEB (905)322-0818
4th floor Chris Paxton TBS, IT (905)704-2447
5th floor Chris Ward TBS, ESM (888)677-4873
5th floor Roxanne Daoust TBS, ESM (905)704-2540
5th floor Vivianne Ties TBS, ESM (905)704-2380
Vineland TIS Rod McEwan MTO, TIS (905)562-6550


1st floor Paula Smith MTO, Fleet (905)704-2966
1st floor Christina Faludi-Myers MTO, Facilites (905)704-2014
Vineland TS Gavin Fear MTO, Vienland (905)562-6550