Your New Local 270 Executive And Stewards

OPSEU Local 270 Executive & Stewards as of September 2016

At our General Membership meeting of 9th Septmeber you voted in a new exective. The officers are listed below.

Name Non OPS Email Address Non OPS Phone Number Ministry /Work Location
Rob Morningstar, President  905-980-4208 MTO – Hamilton/ Niagara Enforcement Branch
Serge Valcourt, 1st Vice President 905-933-4669 MTO – 3rd floor
Sam Hardie, 2nd Vice President  905-934-3874 MTO – 3rd floor
Dan McKnight, 3rd Vice President 905-682-2561 MTO – EPO 2nd floor
Chris J Paxton, Treasurer 905-327-1512 TBS – 4th floor
Roxanne Daoust, Secretary 905-935-6347 TBS – 5th floor
Mahendra Thalesvar, Retired past President 905-682-7437 MGS
Brian Toner, Steward 905-516-1862 MTO Winona
Chris Ward, Steward 289-990-9064 TBS – 5th floor
Dan Woytowich, Steward TBS – 5th floor
Dave Farrington, Steward 905-354-2908 TBS – 5th floor
David Millington, Steward MTO – 2nd floor
James Shannon, Steward 905-931-6026 MTO – Vineland scales
Joy Leonard, Steward 905-931-6026 MTO – 3rd floor
Vivianne Tries, Steward 905-988-1397 TBS – 5th floor
William Urquhart, Steward 289-407-7206 TBS – 5th floor